Mark Nixon - Liszt Brahms Debussy

Mark Nixon – piano

Liszt: Six Transcriptions

Brahms: Sechs Klavierstücke, Op 118

Debussy: D’un cahier d’esquisses,  Estampes  and  L’isle joyeuse 


12-page booklet with programme notes by Roderick Swanston

Recorded in January and April 2012 in the UK

Recording Producer: Andrew Keener

Recording Engineer and Editor: Oscar Torres


Price: £12.99

Erica Eloff – soprano

Mark Nixon – piano

King’s Piano Trio

Grieg: Sechs Lieder, Op 48

Wolf: Vier Mignon Lieder

Rachmaninov: Six songs from Op 21 and Op 38

Wilding: slaap klein beminde (World premiere recording)

De Villiers: Sewe Boerneef Liedjies


24-page booklet with programme notes by Anthony Burton

Full texts and their English translations by Jonathan Burton

Recorded in April and June 2010 in the UK

Recording Engineer and Editor: Oscar Torres


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Price: £12.99